Prescription Drug Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) Increases

This table is a list of wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) increases that exceed the WAC increase threshold of 16% for the period including the current quarter and the previous two calendar years for prescription drug products with a WAC greater than $40 for a course of therapy. WAC increase reports are submitted by prescription drug manufacturers to OSHPD within a month after the end of the quarter in which the current WAC increase went effective. Key data elements include the national drug code (NDC) maintained by the FDA; narrative descriptions of the reasons for the increase in WAC; and the five-year history of WAC increases. A WAC Increase Report consists of 27 data elements that have been divided into two Excel data sets: Prescription Drugs WAC Increases and Prescription Drugs WAC Increase – 5 Year History. The data sets include manufacturer WAC Increase Reports received since January 1, 2018. The Prescription Drugs WAC Increases data set consists of the information prescription drug manufacturers submitted for data elements that pertain to the current WAC increase of a given report, including the amount of the current increase, the WAC after increase, and the effective date of the increase. The Prescription Drugs WAC Increase – 5 Year History data set consists of the information prescription drug manufacturers submitted for the data elements that comprise the 5-year history of WAC increases of a given report, including the amount of each increase and their effective dates. The data sets include the data in completed reports submitted by manufacturers as of August 17, 2020 through the second quarter of 2020 and may include reports that do not meet the specified minimum thresholds for reporting.

The Quick Guide explaining how to link the information in each data set to form complete reports is here:

The program regulations are available here: The data format and file specifications are available here:

DATA NOTES: Due to recent changes in Excel capabilities, it is not recommended that you save these files to .csv format. If you do, when importing back into Excel the leading zeros in the NDC number column will be dropped. If you need to save it into a different format other than .xlsx it must be .txt

DATA UPDATES: Annual datasets of reports from the preceding year are reviewed in the second half of the current year to identify if any revisions or additions have been made since the original release of the datasets. If revisions or additions have been found, an update of the datasets will be released. Datasets will be clearly marked with 'Updated' in their titles for convenient identification. Not all datasets may require an updated release. The review of previously released datasets will only be conducted once to determine if an updated release is necessary. Datasets with revisions or additions that may been made after the one-time review can be requested. These requests should be made via email at

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